Saturday, 20 December 2014 14:48

LSP says governance of Mumbai should be with directly elected, fully-empowered Mayor, not PM or CM

Both Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Nationalist Congress Party president Sharad Pawar have got it completely wrong in the debate on the development of Mumbai, the Loksatta Party said today.

The LSP believes the governance of Mumbai and its development must vest solely in the hands of a directly elected, fully-empowered Mayor with suitable formal local self-governance platforms like ward sabhas/area sabhas for its citizens’ participation.

The CM recently announced that he had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to head a panel that would take charge of Mumbai’s development. In response, Pawar said the development of the city should be in the hands of the state government alone and the Centre must not interfere.

State LSP president Dr Kedar Diwan said both the state and the Centre should keep away and citizens must take charge of Mumbai’s development. “A directly elected, fully-empowered mayor is the only solution to save the city,” Dr Diwan said. He further said that the sixth report of "Second Administration Reforms Commission" also recommended a directly elected, fully-empowered Mayor for cities. All world class cities have a mayor system, including the city of Shanghai and the quality of life in those cities is far superior than any Indian city as the latter are completely under the control of states.

LSP state general secretary Rajeev D. Pai said: “Unless citizens take charge of the city it has no future. No outside leader, no matter how well meaning, whether from Maharashtra or Delhi, can do for Mumbai what its own citizens can do. This city will not become a great one until Mumbaikars take charge of their own destiny.”