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Clean Politics and future of Political Intervention




********* INVITATION *********


Subject: Clean Politics and future of Political Intervention

It is heartening that many of us put in our energy, mind and resources to bring about clean politics in the recent BMC election.We participated in the electoral process with clean and ethical means, unlike the traditional political parties.

However, the unprecedented enthusiasm and commitment shown by various Citizen Groups and Citizen Centric -Lok Satta party did not succeed in winning a single seat in the election.

Naturally, therefore, it has raised questions on whether clean politics can ever succeed in a significant manner to bring about the change that the majority of the citizens of the country seek and bring about a paradigm shift in the way we are governed.

It will be therefore pertinent to discuss and debate on this issue involving the very groups that showed determination and grit in the run up to the polls. We have therefore conceived a special programme followed by concluding remarks and thoughts on the subject by the National President of the Lok Satta Party -Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.

There will be an opportunity of Question /Answer from the attendees that will include all the candidates and their volunteers.

Warm Regards,
Mustan Tambawala
Lok Satta Party-Mumbai
General Secretary

RSVP- Ms Shirin Wadia- 9833195238
Ms Shraddha Ipte- 9664981969/ 022-23772279

********* Programme Schedule *********

BMC Election 2012: Statistical Analysis & Inferences
by Shri Abhijit Mehta
(Amateur Psephologist and Statistics Expert)

Citizen Groups: Objectives,Experiences & Future
Moderated by Smt.Shyama Kulkarni
(Trustee-AGNI & H/West Ward AGNI Co-ordinator)
Participants- Mumbai Nagrik Manch,Mumbai 227,Mumbai Nagriksatta and Lok Satta Party

Presentation by each citizen group's representatives
& Q/A with group representatives.

Clean Politics & Future of Political Intervention
Concluding remarks and Keynote Address with Q/A
Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan
(National President-Lok Satta Party,Ex-IAS and MLA- Andhra Pradesh)

We welcome you to come and attend this open and important deliberation with your volunteers and all those interested in political intervention.


Shri Chandulal Nanavati School,Vile Parle (West)
Vallabhai Road(Off SV Road), Vile Parle (West)
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