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New Panvel-Navi Mumbai: Surendra Srivastava Key Speaker on Corruption in DUSSERA public rally
Rajiv Gandhi Stadium - Navi Mumbai


Lok Satta Party's Maharashtra President and in-charge for Lok Satta's ideology and organisational expansion in other Indian States, Mr. Surendra Srivastava will be a key speaker in the public rally, the details of the public rally is given below.

  • Venue: Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hope Square, Near Circle, Sector-11, New Panvel (east), Navi Mumbai
  • Date:  Thursday, 6th October 2011
  • Time: 5.00 PM
Mr. Srivastava will be addressing the gathering on the topic "Tackling corruption and Promoting accountability" including need of Lokpal institution, RTI, Citizen Charters etc to check the supply side of black money in to our political system and as tools for  creating an environment for a cultural shift from dishonesty to honesty in India and shift the balance of convenience in favour of honesty.

He will also enlighten the public on the issue of need of black money to meet the demand side of our political system in a  FPTP system of election coupled with parliamentary system of formation of government, undemocratic political parties and too much centralisation of governance.

Mr. Srivastava will also highlight as to:

  • Why there is a demand of criminals in Indian political system?
  • Why people vote for criminals? and;
  • Why Political Parties give tickets to criminals?

Mr. Srivastava will also cover the issues like why state funding of election is not the solution?, why instead of having women constituency reservation to have a law which will make all political parties to mandatorily give tickets to 50% women? and why all political parties to be made transparent in their internal conduct and finances as well the need to have primary internal elections for leadership and election candidate choices and that these internal elections shall be made made mandatory and be supervised by election commission of India.

He will highlight as to why all "Political Parties" and all "Governments" are insensitive towards its citizen and he will explain the reason being that they can manipulate their constituency victory on the basis of vote bank (Cast/Religion/Region) -muscle/money power - freebies - colour TVs - Liquor Distribution - Family (Dynasty) Oriented Politics in a parliamentary system of government formation coupled with first-past-the-post (FPTP) system of election!!

He will further suggest possible political and governance reforms to break the vicious cycle of money/muscle power, vote bank and dynastic politics in the country and how these substantial Political & Electoral Reforms including political party reforms will make all political parties genuinely democratic which then will become  platforms for nurturing genuine grass root future political leaders for the country. Otherwise how we will always be ruled by families, criminals, corrupts and their cronies....................
Mr. Srivastava will take people through as to how decentralisation of governance of Independent / Accountable / Empowered / Directly Elected District / City Governments and Further Empowerment of Subsidiary Governance/Self Governance Platforms up to Ward Sabha level in urban and up to Gram Sabha level in Rural India can change the dynamics of politics and governance in the country and help converting worlds largest democracy in to the greatest democracy.

Lastly he will explain Lok Satta Aandolan's mantra, how citizen can get organised in a political foot prints of a polling booth and polling center to become politically influential force to ensure that the good governance is delivered and their taxes paid are linked to the services delivered to them in their local areas like maintenance of streets, local gardens, street lights and sweeping of their streets, encroachment free footpaths and so on.................and how legitimate platforms like Wards Sabhas/Area Sabha (similar to local ALMs & Mohalla Committees but legitimate) will make local governance effective including "Local Intelligence" and "Community Policing"

The public rally is organised by "HOPE INDIA FOUNDATION"


Rajiv Gandhi Stadium
Hope Square, Near Circle, Sector-11, New Panvel E
Navi Mumbai
Country: in


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