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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 11:03

Vote Police

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Vote Police
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Increasing crime, acquittals of well known mafia dons, poor investigation, overburdened police force, increasing frustration amongst police personnel, citizens lack of faith in police

Who is to be blamed?
The constable who is powerless?
The Police Force, which is accountable to the State?
The State, which is burdened with too many issues?
The common man, who is suffering everyday?


If there are so many problems and no one is at fault, then there is something wrong with the system. POLICE REFORMS Campaign recognizes the systemic failure and suggests workable solutions


The Justice System
The large pendency of cases in our courts (30 million) is a well-known symptom of failure of rule of law. Our investment on judiciary is abysmally low, at less than 0.2% of the GDP. Nothing demonstrates the failure of governance than the incapacity to bring the guilty to book.


The justice system is in a mess. Changing it is a Herculean task. The problem is more complex than mere budgetary allocation and number of judges. The quality of judges is less than satisfactory, procedures are archaic and easily prone to manipulation and endless delays.       

As the population grows, so does the pressure on  the system. Let us look at the realities that challenge the justice system.

  • Changes can be made only with structural and systemic reforms.
  • Independent Crime Investigation   
  • Removing external control on  Police personnel to manipulate the investigations will help in delivering justice.


Independent Oversight Body
To enhance the public's trust in the Police force, an external accountability body is needed

Independent Supervisory Body
Insulating the police force from executive's interference with appointments, transfers and promotions will create an environment based on merit and competence

Local Police Force
The creation of a local police force will lessen the burden in the existing system and promote its efficiency