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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 11:03

Vote Police

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Police Reforms Campaign is a citizens' campaign for systemic changes in the Police and Crime Investigation System in our country. Big words- that simply mean making the police force work better for us.


POLICE REFORMS provides the necessary platform and effective tools for citizen participation. Anyone who believes that status quo is not acceptable and change is possible can join the movement.


This campaign works on certain premises:

  • That the necessity of "Police Force" is an admission by the civil Society that "crime" cannot be eliminated and therefore must be minimized
  • That there would always exist persons who will disregard the "Rule of Law" and take "Law" into their own hands
  • That this is true of perpetrators of crime and also the victims if justice is delayed or denied
  • Therefore it is vital that criminals are identified, found guilty and punished swiftly according to the law of the land
  • That fulfillment of this objective depends entirely on the degree of efficiency with which Crime Investigation Machinery and judicial system functions
  • That the Police Force ought to be feared and respected if India wants to provide a dignified life to its citizens and fulfill its dream about becoming superpower in the world