Lok Satta

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 08:23

About Lok Satta


Loksatta started as a people’s movement and has branched into a political effort in 2006 as it realized that simply creating an aware citizenry is not enough. There is a pressing need to demonstrate that with the people’s support, an ethical and values based politics is not only possible, but it is the best way to achieve collective and sustained prosperity.

Good governance can be created by appropriate checks and balances. Underneath every scam and disappointment, be it the innumerable corruption scandals marring almost every public institution or in the inability to prevent attacks like 26/11, lies the need for a systemic reform. There is a need for ensuring that reforms not only address the issues, but also create systems that prevent its recurrence.

Loksatta believes that the crying need of the hour is not to be dissuaded by individual issues, but to continuously press for systemic reforms that make the government more answerable to the people. That is possible only through people participation calling together for systemic reforms and to follow it through with strong and capable political will to implement. Loksatta has chosen this to be its mission.

Its principal objectives are centered on systemic reforms around the electoral process, Police reforms, Judicial Reforms, the introduction of stronger local governance and the introduction of the Lokpal Bill. Centered on these, each state wing develops its own agenda which is more relevant to the demands of the citizens of the state.

Loksatta has been closely involved in launching and / or supporting many key movements since its formation. The Voter Registration campaign involved large scale surveys and engagement with the Election Commission to address anomalies in the process. The organization later worked towards launching the Vote India, Vote Mumbai and NRI Voting Rights campaigns. In 2011, it supported the civil society movement for a stronger Lokpal and also organized a forum for civil society members on the board for drafting the Lokpal Bill with distinguished luminaries from the judiciary, election commission and other public functions.

The party’s direction and agenda has been ably set by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan – a trained physician and an IAS Topper who joined the administrative services after the emergency and the failure of the Janata experiment. He served as a secretary to both the Governor and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and also worked on the development of the infocity in Hyderabad. He has served on the panel on the National Advisory Council and the Vigilance Advisory Council. He decided to resign from the service in 1996 to establish the Loksatta Movement. The Loksatta Party was founded in 2006. His experience as a bureaucrat, his determination and clarity of purpose is slowly but surely helping galvanise a large number of Indians who till now had little awareness and recourse to improving the democratic processes.

Loksatta is currently focused in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is in the process of developing its units elsewhere as well. Dr J P is an MLA from the Kukatpally constituency and the party is slowly but surely working towards a leadership that can carry forth its ambitious agenda.

The party is constantly calling out for volunteers and a new breed of aware and upright leaders.

Loksatta Party is highly conscientious about the source of its funding and relies on the financial support of people like yourselves. You can set up a one time or recurring donations to help us stay focused on our goals. All donations are fully exempt under Indian laws. We do need your support.

We invite you to go through our site and learn about our agenda for addressing the challenges before India and to know how you can participate.