Lok Satta

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 13:22

Lok Satta Party opposes 'mindless' taxing (TOI)

MUMBAI: Lok Satta Party has strongly opposed any new tax on fuel and vehicles in Mumbai in the guise of improving transport infrastructure in the city without first enhancing the efficiency, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of public transport projects that are currently underway.

Responding to reports that the state transport commissioner has recommended a fuel cess of Rs 5-10 per litre and a doubling of tax on second vehicles for the city, the party said such measures without commensurate and sincere efforts to improve public transport would only worsen living conditions of Mumbaikars.

The government has said funds from these measures would be used to strengthen the public transport infrastructure in the city. But Lok Satta Party Maharashtra unit president Kedar Diwan pointed out that Mumbai's deteriorating infrastructure was not the result of a scarcity of funds but the outcome of faulty planning and execution of projects.



"The media has already exposed how crucial projects worth Rs 60,000 crore remain unfinished in the city due to dysfunctional governance," said Dr Diwan. "Even when a project reaches the finish line, it does so with massive cost over-runs. In such a scenario, the government has no moral authority to burden taxpayers further."