Lok Satta

Sunday, 04 August 2013 04:13

Separate statehood for Mumbai not required, but demand to increase like demand for Telangana, Bodoland and Vidarbha, if political parties don't focus on governance, warns LSP

"Demands for separate states will continue if political parties don't deliver good governance and job creation. Frivolous and emotional responses to Ms Shobha De's statement is a sure fire recipe to flare the situation in coming times", said Dr Kedar Diwan, Maharashtra State President of Lok Satta Party in a media statement.
Dr Diwan was responding to the recent controversy of Ms Shobha De suggesting a division of Mumbai from Maharashtra and the subsequent furor by all established political parties.
Lok Satta Party believes that Mumbai does not need separate statehood but definitely requires a far more empowered and accountable local government. Directly elected, fully empowered Mayor could be one of the solutions to make governance accountable to citizens and provide focused leadership to the needs of the financial capital of India. This has already been suggested by the second administration reforms commission, way back in 2006.
Lok Satta Party cautions the existing political class that continuous neglect of governance is likely to make demands for dividing the state an emotionally charged issue, and  an increasingly difficult one to handle. The party strongly believes that implementation of the "Nagar Raj Bill" can tremendously help manage the condition of Mumbai.
Dr Diwan further added "Mumbai's infrastructure in education, health, water, housing, roads, transportation, law & order is failing rapidly. Evoking history, language and culture will not satisfy desperate Mumbaikars for very long"
Mumbaikars who suffer potholed roads, frustrating traffic delays of many hours, water-logging, slums and endless corruption can fall prey to emotional demands like separate statehood on these grounds if politicians don't wake up soon. The need of the hour is to evolve a framework to enable Mumbai and other parts like Vidarbha to be better governed through citizen participation within the Maharashtra state framework, Dr. Diwan added.