Lok Satta

Tuesday, 09 July 2013 07:28

LSP asks Corporators to rename roads and localities later, give Mumbaikars clean drinking water first

Mumbai, July 9, 2013:

Lok Satta Party President for Maharashtra, Dr Kedar Diwan expressed deep concern over the BMC Corporators' apathy on the growing crisis of drinking water for Mumbaikars. Dr Diwan was responding to media reports highlighting that as much as 20% of Mumbai may be receiving contaminated water due to poor water storage and transmission infrastructure.

Maharashtra General Secretary of Lok Satta Party, Mr Rajesh Jogani added that the inordinate time spent by Corporators on emotional issues like renaming Malabar Hill or Eastern Expressway far exceeded the time needed on material issues that impact Mumbai's growth and well being. He urged Mumbaikars that it is vital to hold the elected Corporators accountable for BMCs non-performance. Citizens must start seeing through the divisive and petty issues championed by politicians and judge them on issues that effect Mumbaikars' well being and livelihoods.

Dr Diwan added that BMC budgets nearly Rs.2,500 Crores for water and sewage annually. While he commended the BMC for allocating Rs. 97 Crores to revive leak detection units and upgrade civic laboratories, he felt that not much accountability was being brought into the system to ensure proper spending of available budgets. He stated that BMC must involve citizens in it's efforts and commended the Powai desilting initiative undertaken with IIT-B participation. He emphasised that ultimately the elected Corporators are responsible to take up such issues. It is unfortunate that the Corporators indulge in petty politics while BMC is unable to spend it's full allocations at a time when basic services like road, public transport, housing and water is crumbling in Mumbai.

Lok Satta Party has consistently demanded that citizen involvement be increased in prioritizing and monitoring public works by creating locality level citizen coordination groups or "Ward Sabhas". Lok Satta Party has championed the Nagar Raj bill and is demanding it's speedy implementation in Maharashtra. Lok Satta founder Dr Jayaprakash Narayan was closely involved in drafting the constitutional amendment to bring about empowered municipal governments.