Lok Satta

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 12:20

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh is the new President of Loksatta Party, Karnataka

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh has been chosen the new State President of Loksatta Party, Karnataka. He will take over the reins from Smt. Ramalakshmi Kanneganti who very ably led the party and grew it by leaps and bounds.

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh is a household name in Bangalore and highly respected for various high-impact urban development projects - Bangalore Big 10 Bus System, Intelligent Traffic Management Systemso for the Bangalore Police, India's best Traffic Control Room, Bangalore-wide Lake Rejuvenation & Cleaning initiative and work with the ABIDe Task Force. Trained as an astronomer and atmospheric scientist, Dr Mahesh has spent his career working on global climate change, urbanisation and public transport.

He is a researcher at Centre of Excellence in Urban Governance at IIM Bangalore, the CiSTUP centre at the IISc, focusing on urban transport and mobility and adjunct faculty member at IIIT-Bangalore focused on city information and management systems.

As a mass leader in Loksatta, Dr. Ashwin has been the voice of Karnataka's anti-corruption campaign and Corruption Saaku. He supportes initiatives for skills development and jobs for lower income groups. He is one of the 50 people recognized by Wired Magazine to “Change the World”.

With long-standing and committed public service, Dr. Mahesh has keenly interacted with the people of Karnataka and understands their needs. He contested the 2012 MLC elections for the Bangalore Graduates’ Constituency and secured 17% of the overall votes. Ever since his popularity
among the masses has grown exponentially and due to people’s support he has emerged as ta leader who can shape the future direction of Karnataka.

Speaking on the occasion, outgoing President Smt. Ramalakshmi highlighted, “We are greatly privileged to be led by Dr. Ashwin. No other party in Karnataka can claim to have a state leader of such calibre.” Accepting the overwhelming applause from the members Dr. Ashwin acknowledged,
“This is a great honour for me to lead our party that has shown the path for ethical politics. With the Assembly elections just around the corner, our target should be to secure a minimum of 50% of votes which are not bought by money or liquor.”

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