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Friday, 25 January 2013 10:42

Save your Child from Sexual Harassment


Yuva Satta's (The Youth Wing of Lok Satta) Zero Tolerance Campaign-'Maharashtra Govt Guidelines for School Buses'

Dear Responsible Citizen,

The molestation incident with a 4 year old school girl in Jamnabai Narsee School,Juhu by an employee of the contractor of the school bus last week,has shocked and terrified all of us.

The brutal Delhi Rape and subsequent death of Nirbhaya- 23 year old victim had angered the country like never before and we saw high decibel protests and 'Candle Light Marches'.

The Keenan-Reuben murders in Amboli,where these two boys were brutally murdered for standing up to the molesters of one their female friends also saw lots of protests and a lot of rage among everybody in general and Mumbaikars in particular.

The Zero Tolerance Campaign was launched by us soon after that to combat sexual harassment against women.

Rather than 'protesting' which is the usual response of the citizenry,we are circulating an abridged version of guidelines which is mandatory for all schools to implement.

These guidelines are part of law as legislated by the Maharashtra Govt.

Notification on the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles ( Regulations for School buses), Rules 2011:

1. Every school should have a transport committee to look into safety, transport and fire safety issues. It should be headed by the principal and one representative from the PTA.  It should also include RTO official, education officer and local authority representatives as members.

2.Bus Stops need to be specified and pre-decided where students will board or alight.

3.School buses should be painted as per colour code and must prominently display the school name and address.

4.Also a golden brown band on all sizes of buses should be installed below the window for it to be recognizable from a distance.

5.Bus contractors are to recruit a bus driver with minimum 5 years experience and an attendant for every school bus.They are to wear ID cards while on duty.

6.Buses are required to have a list of students travelling in the vehicle along with their blood groups,emergency/ parental contact no.,address and the name of the bus stop from which the student boards or alights from the bus.

7.Speed governor, first aid kit and a fire extinguisher have been made compulsory.

8.School buses are to ply only on a separate school transport permit which is different from that of a pvt bus.

9.School Principal expected to review the system twice a year.

10.Contractors and drivers flouting ruled would be liable for criminal charges against them.

It has been noticed that these guidelines are not being seriously implemented by schools cutting across boards.Also,it is mandatory that all schools implement these guidelines irrespective of the board of their affiliation-SSC,ICSE or CBSE.

So if your son or daughter or any relative is studying in a school in Mumbai,it is in your interest to visit your ward's school and ensure implementation of these guidelines.

This communication is being issued by 'ZERO TOLERANCE CAMPAIGN' in public interest and the same is being circulated extensively via email by AGNI, Bombay Catholic Sabha, ALMs in Mumbai, PTA Associations, Lok Satta Party, Aam Admi Party and many other like minded organisations.

We sincerely hope that these issues will be taken to it's logical conclusion by responsible citizens like you.

You may feel free to contact us for any further assistance or to report cases of non-implementation.

We will be more than happy to help.

Thanking You.

Yours' Sincerely,

Ruben Mascarenhas

Yuva Satta-Youth wing of Lok Satta Movement.
Contact: 9820249942

Ankita Verma
Yuva Satta-Youth wing of Lok Satta Movement
Contact: 9322172045

Aditya Paul,
Campaign Co-ordinator,

Zero Tolerance Campaign,
A Yuva Satta Initiative
Contact : 9820720267