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Monday, 19 March 2012 10:09

Election Schedule of Candidate for MLC Mumbai Graduate Constituency

"Schedule of Internal Elections to Elect LSP's Candidate"



Dates / Days / Period


Issue of Public Notice

10-03-12 (Saturday)


Date of Commencement of Filing the Party Nomination Forms

12-03-12 (Monday)


Last Date of filing party nomination forms

24-03-12 (Saturday)


Publishing of LSP’s Mumbai Voters (Executive Membership List) (Only to members).

24-03-12 (Saturday)


Objections against Voters List by members.

27-03-12 (Tuesday)


Final publication of voter list

27-03-12 (Tuesday)


Completion of Scrutiny of forms by Independent election authority of the Party

27-03-12 (Tuesday)


Campaign Period for all aspiring candidates

27-03-12 (Tuesday) To 30-03-12 (Friday)


Election of LSP MLC Candidate from Mumbai Graduate Constituency by Executive Members as per the Voters List

31-03-12 (Saturday) at Polling Center at Lok Satta Auditorium at Byculla Mumbai





Mr. Justice B. N. Srikrishna, Judge Supreme Court of India (Retd), Chairperson, and Mr. A. K. Shende, A reputed arbitration advocate, Member and Dr. A. L. Sharada, Program Director of NGO "Population First", Member and Secretary General - Independent Election Authority of Lok Satta Party, Maharashtra.


Election of Candidate and Registration of "Executive" party members as Voters for Primaries and internal party elections:

1.            Lok Satta Party, Maharashtra has decided to field candidate for Member of Legislative Council (MLC) of Maharshtra from the Graduate Constituency  of "Greater Mumbai". The elections are due in the month of June 2012. The entire Lok Satta Party Candidate election process is placed under the jurisdiction of this independent Election Authority for elections:

2.            The Lok Satta Party has also opened its "Membership" under different categories. One of the categories is that of an "executive life " Member.

The last date of submission of fully completed forms is 24th March, 2012 [up to 12:30 pm]. Forms for "Nomination" of Candidates and for "Executive life Membership" will be available on payment of Rs. 25/- and Rs. 10/- respectively from Monday, 12th March, 2012 till Monday, 19th March 2012 at the following address between 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Lok Satta Party, Base unit no: 7, Byculla Service Industries Premises, Dadoji Konddeo Road, Byculla (East), Mumbai – 400 027 - 00 22 2377 2279

3.            Those desiring to become candidates, please note the following, as applicable: -

  • It will be mandatory for candidate to become an executive life member of Lok Satta Party (Membership fees Rs. 10,000/-).
  • The person must be a "Registered Graduate Voter" for Mumbai Graduate MLC Constituency and should read the "Instructions", attached to the Forms, carefully and  submit the Forms duly completed;
  • It will be mandatory to make a declaration in the prescribed manner while submitting the Form;
  • Declarations include a declaration that the person has not in the past and will not in future indulge in any activity involving disturbance of public peace, destruction of public property or offending  public morality including putting up illegal posters and banners;
  • Declaration will authorize the independent Election Authority to invite "objections" by "Public Advertisement" to the proposed election of a person as a candidate;
  • Anybody with the  faintest trace of criminality will be disqualified forthwith;
  • Anybody inducing a voter to cast his/her vote by offering a reward in kind (liquor etc) or cash will be disqualified;
  • Anybody inducing a voter to cast his/her vote by indulging in divisive policies, such as, but not limited to, religion, race, caste, language etc. (i.e. playing vote bank politics) will be disqualified;
  • Anybody using illicit money for obtaining vote/s will be disqualified.
  • Procedure for election, as declared or modified subsequently by the independent Election Authority will be binding on every one;
  • If  more than one person  is short-listed  in a single constituency, "Primaries" will be held for eliciting  the executive members' choice of candidate;
  • Those seeking a nomination for Legislative Council will have to pay an Earnest Deposit of Rs. 10,000/-, which will be refunded if their name is not included in the List of Candidates.
  • The final decision about declaring the "List of Candidates" and enrolling a member will be that of the independent Election Authority alone;

On behalf of the Independent Election Authority


[Dr. A. L. Sharada]

Secretary General - Independent Election Authority

Date: 11th March, 2012

Place: Mumbai


Maharashtra State has Legislative Council (like Rajya Sabha) along with Legislative assembly (like Lok Sabha).

The house never gets dissolve and1/3rd Members get elected every 2 years. The strength of Legislative Assembly is 78 members elected as under:

Ø 1/3rd By Assembly Members

Ø 1/3rd By local body Members

Ø 1/12th Graduate Constituencies

Ø 1/12th Teachers Constituencies

Ø 1/6th Nominated by Governor

Accordingly Maharashtra Legislative Council has 7 members from Graduates Constituencies. Out of seven one such constituency is Mumbai and another Konkan, which included Thane, which is up for elections in second half of June 2012. The voter registration for by Graduates for Graduate constituency are open and supplementary list of voters for electing MLC will be published in First week of June 2012.

Some important information;

Total Registered voters for Mumbai Constituency are 65000. Less than 40000 voted in last elections in 2006. The old voters are eligible to vote again. So the voters in 2012  will be old 65000 plus all new voters who register. So far about 6000 new voters have registered.

In the last election, Dr. Deepak Sawant polled 20,055 votes, Independent candidate Shri Atul V. Shah  9,606 votes, Congress Candidate Shri Manhas polled 7,510 votes and Janata Dal (Secular) candidate Shri Prabhakar Narkar got 868 votes.