Lok Satta

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:46

LSP invites All Political Parties announcing it\s event "All for Accountability" in Mumbai Civic Governance"

Lok Satta Party (LSP) today announced that LSP has taken an initiative to organize an independent panel moderated, public seminar focusing on accountability in civic governance in Mumbai. Announcing this, Mr Surendra Srivastava, National General Secretary and President of LSP's Maharashtra chapter said that independent panelists Ms Shyama Kulkarni of AGNI, Mr Nitai Mehta of Praja, Ms. Neera Punj of CitiSpace, Mr Vivek Gilani Of MumbaiVotes.com and Mr YP Singh, Rtd. IPS Officer and noted lawyer have consented to participate as panelists.
Mr Shailesh Gaikwad, Senior Journalist, Columnist and Political Bureau Chief of Hindustan Times will be the independent panel moderator for the event.
Mr Srivastava remarked that the last 63 years have marked a remarkable and largely successful journey in building the most diverse and complex republic in a free society. There is still a great deal of work left to improve our governance and democracy. The agitation in the recent months on the Lokpal issue has made citizens even more cynical about the intents and commitments of the political class who seek to represent the people. The entire political class including LSP unanimously agrees collectively that they are accountable to the citizens whom they seek to represent. The citizens on the other hand, are looking for concrete commitments from across the political class.
Mr. Srivastava further said that this is an attempt to drive the paradigm shift in political culture from mob-politics to politics based on reasoned debate. He hoped that this will set a benchmark and will become a regular feature atleast in Mumbai hereafter like presidential debate in USA.
Hence Lok Satta Party has taken the lead in organizing an event at 3 PM on Friday, February 3rd  at Marathi Patrakar Bhavan, Azad Maidan, Mumbai in order to reestablish the faith of Mumbaikar'​s in the "Elected Representa​tives"
Mr Srivastava said that representatives of the political parties across the spectrum including Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP and MNS and citizens forums and groups including Mumbai 227, Nagrik Manch, Nagrik Satta participating in the BMC civic polls have been invited to place their accountability commitments to Mumbaikar's through this event.
The invitations have been sent to the Mumbai presidents of the respective political parties and we have received acknowledgments of the same.
Accountability aspects on five major areas are sought to be addressed in this seminar – delivery of local civic services in the wards, schools & education, health & sanitation, roads & public spaces and infrastructure.
On the threshold of the BMC polls on Feb 16, this event is focused on making accountability for better quality of civic services, a central agenda for the citizens and voters to consider.
Dr Ram Ramdas (98205-38685), Spokesperson of Lok Satta Party, can be contacted for details about this unique initiative.