Lok Satta

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:39

Mr. Mustan Tambawala, General Secretary - Lok Satta Party, Mumbai, Appeals Mumbaikar's and Media to Focus on Wave of change through Citizen Candidate


Lok Satta’s top priority both as an Aandolan and later as a Political Party has been to increase citizens' participation in the way the country is being managed or governed particularly by empowering  Local (Districts / City) Governments and through Local self governance platforms like Gram Sabhas / Gram Panchayats in Rural India and Ward Committees and Ward Area sabhas in urban India said Mr. Mustan Tambawala, LSP, Mumbai's General Secretary in a media statement here today.

Mr. Tambawal was reacting to the report published in certain section of media today giving an impression that citizen groups including Lok Satta Party are  fighting amongst them selves and thereby helping traditional political parties.

Mr. Tambawala clerified that from October 2011, when it started engaging competent citizens to become candidates for the BMC elections, it also started parleys with other like minded citizen groups to ensure that citizen candidates do not compete amongst themselves.  LSP accordingly constituted a team for this purpose headed by it’s Gen Secy- Mustan Tambawala to engage other groups and keep them informed.

He further said that to lead by example, LSP decided not to field any candidates in three wards where Nagrik Manch had already identified candidates. This is because Nagrik Manch had already finalized their wards before LSP started identifying their wards. LSP was second in finalizing its first batch in Novemebr 2011. So, it immediately sent its list to Mumbai 227 because 227 were going to take at least another month to identify their candidates.

In spite of current scenario, Mr. Mustan Tambawala said that there is still scope for citizen groups including LSP a citizen's party coming together to improve and offer better choices to the citizens of Mumbai and it will continue it’s effort in this direction with the help of collective wisdom of leadership in other groups.

Mr. Tamabawala emphasized that the goal is to defeat traditional political parities who have so far played populist politics and politics of Dynasty, money/muscle power/ vote bank with alternative of Citizen Power and citizen centric governance agenda. The traditional political parties have forged alliances and seat sharing only to seek power and then plunder as has been seen over the years.

Therefore he said traditional political parties are no more in competition and Mumbaikar's shall choose between the Citizen Candidates in every ward.

He appealed to Mumbaikar's that Mumbai has led the country many time for change and Mumbai should lead the country again....time to wake up !! get up !! and act !! and act collectively/together to defeat traditional political parties.