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Friday, 04 November 2011 04:30

Lok Satta Party releases 10 gaurantees for BMC 2012, first list of candidates and Draft Mumbai Vision

Lok Satta Party announces its 10 guarantees to Mumbai citizens for BMC 2012; declares first list of Citizen Candidates

Lok Satta Party also releases draft Vision document for Mumbai for public consultation; also releases the Mumbai Ward Manifesto

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, founding National President of Lok Satta Party, launched the party's BMC 2012 campaign on 14th Oct 2012 with the core focus of delivering Clean Citizen Centric Civic Governance for Mumbai. The campaign theme is being promoted by a public participation drive around the theme – “AB BAS!!! Apna Neta Aap Bano”.

Lok Satta Party is committed to devolving power to citizens of cities and towns, enabling them to participate in decisions regarding the development and administration of their localities.

Lok Satta Party’s campaign is built solidly on their domain knowledge and deep understanding of citizen empowerment. Party founder Dr Jayaprakash Narayan was a member of the “First National Advisory Council” that was instrumental in drafting the “Model Nagar Raj Bill”, which then became one of the reform requirements under ‘JNNURM’.

Surendra Srivastava, President, Lok Satta Party, Maharashtra, and National General Secretary, speaking at the media conference today said that “No successful country in the world has been able to deliver good governance without a structured ‘political party’. The problem in India is the absence of democratic “political parties”. We must try to understand why Barack Obama or David Cameron, who were unknown around five years back, have emerged to lead their countries. Internal party democracy helps bring the best and the brightest talent into politics and empowers the “aam aadmi” in a fair and transparent manner. The need of the hour is to create conditions for nurturing grassroots leadership.

Lok Satta Party’s election campaign is focused in this direction through participatory decentralized governance mechanisms that will contain corruption and increase the

accountability and transparency in delivery of various civic and other services provided by BMC and other agencies.

Dr Kedar Diwan, President of the Mumbai Unit of Lok Satta, today released a draft document for public consultation outlining a vision for Mumbai. The vision document, which is available on its website, is a result of several workshops and interactions with various citizen groups and development organizations.

Lok Satta Party intends to field atleast 30-50 candidates for BMC 2012 elections. Lok Satta Party publicly invites and appeals to other political parties and aspiring independent candidates and citizen forums to support this citizen centric manifesto. Lok Satta Party further commits its support to parties and candidates that publicly vouch for this vision, Guarantees and manifesto and will not field its own candidates in wards where such candidates are contesting. This is an affirmation of the commitment of Lok Satta Party to urgently deliver Citizen Centric Governance to all Mumbaikars.

Dr. Diwan also invited and appealed to capable and committed citizens to support the movement of Lok Satta Party either by joining the party or by becoming its candidates or supporting its candidates.

Responding to the issue of good candidates form other political parties and citizen forums Dr. Diwan stated that Lok Satta Party will work with other parties, individuals or citizen forums that publicly adopts/accepts our Vision, manifesto and irrevocable guarantees and also give commitment that they will not indulge in money/muscle power and vote bank politics.

Dr. A.L Sharada, the Executive Director of NGO, POPULATION FIRST” and Secretary General of Lok Satta Party’s Independent Election Authority for Maharashtra announced the first list of Lok Satta Party candidates who are all First Time Citizen Politicians. They will all campaign on the Mumbai Ward Issues listed by and also address pressing issues specific to their wards.

  1. Ward 55 - Swami Samarth Nagar : Smt Shivani Joshi
  2. Ward 76 – Chakala - Sahar Airport : Smt Sangeeta Sharma
  3. Ward 213 - Priyadarshani Garden: Shri Rajesh Jogani
  4. Ward 214 - Kamala Nehru Park - Raj Bhavan: Smt Kanak Gandhi
  5. Ward 216 - Harkisandas N Hospital - Khetwadi : Dr. Parag Jhaveri

(Please find attached profiles of the candidates)

Dr Kedar Diwan also released the Mumbai Ward Issues of the Party in line with the core objectives of the Vision Mumbai document. Lok Satta will push for implementation of this manifesto if it obtains sufficient seats in BMC to influence policy.

(Please find attached Lok Satta Party’s “10 Guarantees”, “Draft Vision Document” and “Ward Issues”)

For further info contact;

Dr. Ram Ramdas, Spokesperson, Lok Satta Party – Mumbai – 0 982 0538 685

Shri. Mustan Tamabawala, General Secretary – Lok Satta Party – Mumbai – 0 982 0137 765

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