Lok Satta

Monday, 18 July 2011 14:24

Surendra Srivastava -- It is time to set right our own house in order, rather pointing fingers at hard working migrants of Mumbai

In response to the recent statement from Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, appearing in some section of media, Mr. Surendra Srivastava, Lok Satta Party's Maharashtra President in a media statement here said that the ghastly tragedy of Mumbai underlines the need for strengthening the country from within.  Lok Satta Party therefore condemns MNS's latest implied assumption that hard working migrants are the source and reason of Mumbai Bomb Blast. In fact he asserted that most of the dead & injured were migrants.
RDX in 1993 blasts came through customs. Bad governance multiplies the dangers of terrorism. MNS's tirade against hard working migrants is an insult to the Constitution.  Such prejudice against fellow citizens only promotes hatred and  terrorism, does not curb it.
Mr. Surendra Srivastava further said: "There is only one Indian citizenship in the country.  Every Indian wherever he or she is born is equal and enjoys the same right to pursue education, employment, profession or business.
Lok Satta Party has always endeavoured to unite the pan-Indian community behind the constitutional guarantee of equal rights for all Indians everywhere in India with its ‘One India One People’ approach as it believes that we all are brothers and sisters and have same cultural heritage and forefathers and we all are faced with similar problems & challenges irrespective of which part of the country we live.
He said that coercive threats have no place in India’s constitutional democracy.  Such actions are criminal, divide Indians along parochial lines, and threaten the economic prosperity and growth of all Indians. The Government must vigorously punish parochialism politicians and protect the rights of all Indians and the integrity and unity of the nation.
Mr. Srivastava pointed out that political parties, which have turned politics into family business empires and enjoyed no legitimacy, promoted hatred to pursue their dangerous vote bank politics.  It merely exposed the crisis of leadership in the public domain especially in politics.
Mr. Surendra Srivastava called upon people specially the youth to raise their voice against divisive and violent politics that jeopardize the economic future of the country and unity of our polity.  "The silence of saner elements on issues impinging national unity and prosperity is criminal", Mr. Srivastava warned.
Mr. Srivastava demanded that Maharashtra Government must immediately do following reforms and institute the local self governance platforms in Mumbai in order to fight terrorist and mis-governance;
  • Directly Elected, Directly Accountable to People, Fully Empowered "Mayor"?? despite consistent demand as recommended  by "Second Administration Reforms Commission".
  • Establish 227 ward committees (each chaired by local corporator), Wards Sabhas/Area Sabha (to work like local ALMs & Mohalla Committees) which will make local governance effective including "Local Intelligence" and "Community Policing" as recommended by the "Model Nagar Raj Bill" approved by Union Government under JNURM.
  • "POLICE REFORMS", as recommended by "Second Administration Reforms Commission" and Directives from Supreme Court".