Lok Satta

Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:41

Mr. Surendra Srivastava Key Speaker on Corruption/Lokpal


Lok Satta Party's Mr. Surendra Srivastava will be a key speaker in a series of public programs planned in next two month.

Mr. Srivastava will be addressing the gathering on the topic "Tackling corruption and Promoting accountability including need and various aspects of Lokpal institution as a tool for  creating an environment for a cultural shift from dishonesty to honesty in India and shift the balance of convenience in favour of honesty.

Various citizen groups have organised these public meetings:

1- 30th June - Near Kopri Police Station, Thane [East]

2- 8th July - Yeshwant Bhawan - Lower Parel - Mumbai

3- 13th July - Santacriuz (West) - Mumbai

4- 26th July - Purandare School - Mulund (West) - Mumbai

5- 8th August - Willingdon Club - Mahalaxmi - Mumbai

6- 7th September - Dahisar - Mumbai