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Judicious use of the power to vote
Eternal Vigilance
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Aware Citizens. Clean Politics.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” - Anonymous

While India and Indians pride their credentials of being a thriving democracy, one cannot but notice the gradual decline in participation of the masses in the political process. Disillusionment with the credibility of the politician is increasing and the noble profession of public service is looked upon with suspicion and disdain.

This is a dangerous contradiction in our psyche. If we pride in our being a democracy then the role of improving on how we govern ourselves also rests on our shoulders. Democracy assigns an important responsibility upon us. It is natural that every one cannot be politically active, but it is the duty of every citizen to be politically aware.

Only an aware citizenry can be the precursor of a clean and healthy democracy. We hope that your first resolve will be to shed any despair about politics and to make an earnest effort to be a more aware citizen.