Lok Satta

Monday, 09 February 2009 06:22

Donation FAQ'S


1.Why do we need donations?
Significant resources are needed to mount a credible challenge. Lok Satta Party will only need a fraction of what traditional parties spend.


2.How does the party spend the contributions collected?
The Party spends its resources on legitimate campaigning purposes (such as advertisements) and strictly within legal expenditure limits.


3.What are the activities that are being planned?

  • There are always a number of campaigns taking place such as: Surajayam – a state-wide campaign for good governance
  • Anti-Belt Shops Campaign - a campaign to shut down illegal liquor shops
  • Building Local Leadership
  • Communication Campaign
  • Citizen Help Centres


4.How can an individual contribute?
An individual can contribute to Loksatta by sending DD/Cheque to Loksatta office, or can do online by using credit card/net banking.


5.Are contributions tax exempted?
All contributions to the party are fully exempt from income tax under the Indian law. All contributions to Lok Satta Party will be duly acknowledged with a formal receipt and tax exemption documents.


6.Does the party disclose its expenses, and is the information available to the public?
Yes, our financial statements are available on our website for anyone to see.


7.Do contributors get any party literature, or newsletter, so as to be up-to-date with developments?
It is our intention to set up a mechanism through web / email to keep donors informed and fully engaged.


8.Is a donor's information kept confidential and not disclosed to third party?
Yes, donor information is kept confidential subject to Indian laws and Election Commission rules.