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Lok Satta Party's People's Commission Against Political Corruption Terms of Reference

  1. Lok Satta Party is registered as a political party, under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act 1951, with the Election Commission of India (vide Order No. 56/152/2006/J.S.III/320, dated 22nd December, 2006). Around 400,000 citizens have become its members over the past one year. It has chapters in every district of Andhra Pradesh, and in over half of the mandals and more than 90% municipal towns and cities. Its people-centered ideas, agenda, articulation and structure and functioning are distinctive and already find wide acceptance in the name of Lok Satta Party.
  2. Lok Satta Party has constituted a People’s Commission against Corruption to highlight and combat the menace of deep-rooted and widespread corruption in public life and state functioning.


The Commission will receive citizens' complaints against and independently conduct thorough and impartial enquiries into incidents of serious corruption in public life and state functioning. The Commission will subsequently give specific and concrete recommendations to the Government and credible non-government organizations and associations. These recommendations will also be made public simultaneously.



The People’s Commission Against Corruption will be chaired by Justice Ramanujan, former Lok Ayukta of Andhra Pradesh.  Other Members of the Commission will be named by Lok Satta Party in consultation with the Chairman.


Terms of Reference

5.  The People’s Commission Against Corruption will receive from the citizens, complaints against serious corruption- with as much documentary, supporting evidence as possible, by post, phone, email/internet and any other means.

  1. The Commission will enable citizens to provide complaints and related information in an easy, safe and anonymous manner.  The information provided by the complainants will be used only towards meeting the stated Objectives of the Commission (above). Any personal information related to the complainant will not be disclosed to third parties/the public.
  2. Reception of Citizens' complaints and information by Post will be through a dedicated mailing address created for the purpose:  PO Box 100, Hyderabad – 500 004.
    * Vast undisclosed assets of politicians and public servants.
    * Gross acts of corruption by public servants in contracts, tenders, postings, transfers, etc.
    * Blatant misuse of office including serious instances of nepotism and favouritism
    * Misuse and misappropriation of public money and resources; serious instances of cheating and fraud by public servants
    * Land grabbing; unjust allocation of land and land alienation resulting in wrongful loss to public and/or wrongful gain to any individual
    * All forms of irregularities in public works and contracts; major cases of over-estimates; any case where tenders pertaining to public money is actually executed by a sub-contractor - at a cost of 80% or lower than the bid price.
  3. Reception of Citizens’ complaints and information via telephone will be through a dedicated phone like 040 – 2323-2711.  Citizens can call the Commission anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM on working days and will be assisted by dedicated tele-volunteers to provide their complaints and information, discreetly.
  4. . The Commission can receive Citizens’ complaints and information via email through the ID This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the website/URL www.combatcorruptionindia.com
  5. . The website/URL above will also serve as a permanent repository, towards research, documentation and advocacy purposes, of information on electoral candidates’ disclosures along with the assets and liabilities of legislators.
  6. . The Commission is empowered to take up incidents of serious corruption and conduct thorough and impartial enquiries into them, suo motu, within the ambit of the Terms of Reference (above).
  7. . The Commission will be provided with all the necessary support, including logistical support, by Lok Satta Party in order to achieve its objectives (above).