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Thursday, 05 February 2009 06:43


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State-wide Anti-Corruption Movement People’s Commission Against Political Corruption

Are you tired of reading newspaper headlines on political corruption every day?
Do you know about a politician who is blatantly corrupt?
Do you have some information on a public servant earning 'tons of money' illegally?
Do you know about a public work, government project or a scheme where unscrupulous politicians, middle-men and contractors are misusing public money and resources?
Our governments and political parties have utterly failed in catching and punishing those involved in serious, top-level corruption. Every once-in-a-while they make a show of catching the small-fry, but the big fish?
They always manage to get away. Until now. It is time, we, the citizens do our bit to uproot political corruption from our State. All you need to do is give us information about any corrupt politician, unscrupulous middlemen or about a scam in a public work. The best part is, you can do it in an easy, safe and anonymous manner!

People's Commission Against Corruption: You can directly send your complaints to this Commission about: Vast undisclosed assets of politicians and public servants (with as much documentary evidence as possible). Gross acts of corruption by public servants in contracts, tenders, postings, transfers, etc. Blatant misuse of office - serious instances of nepotism and favouritism Misuse and misappropriation of public money/resources; serious instances of cheating and fraud Land grabbing; unjust allocation of land and land alienation (resulting in wrongful loss to public and/or wrongful gain to any individual) All forms of irregularities in public works and contracts; major cases of over estimates; any case where tenders pertaining to public money is actually executed by a sub-contractor - at a cost of 80% or lower than the bid price. You can send your complaints with supporting documents/evident directly to the People's Commission Against Corruption by post, phone, and through email/internet.

PO Box 100
Hyderabad - 4


040-2323 2711
(8.00 AM to 9.00PM)


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The Commission will conduct a thorough, impartial enquiry into all your complaints. They will make specific and concrete recommendations to the Government and credible non-government organizations and associations.